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Red Light District of Amsterdam

red light district

Red Light District of Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam is this area which stands out for the large number of neon and red lights that adorn their windows. This picturesque and touristy neighborhood is the world-famous Red Light District of Amsterdam.

The Red Light District is located in the old part of Amsterdam and is the most visited by tourists who, inquisitive, come attracted by the pleasure of the forbidden.

A neighborhood with history

Prostitution is known worldwide as "the oldest business in the world" and is that, in the Middle Ages, brothels in Amsterdam were run by the Sheriff and his trusted men.

In the seventeenth century appeared the first showcases in this area. In these windows prostitutes offer their services and also generate a great expectation among the pedestrians.

Is this legal?

Amsterdam is one of the thirteen Dutch cities where prostitution exists in shop windows. In the Netherlands it has been legal since 1911.

Women in the Red Light District rented the shop where they work and contribute their taxes like any Dutch worker.

An unavoidable visit

Visiting Amsterdam and getting into the Red Light District is inevitable. In addition to being one of the most tourist areas of the city contains some of the most important visits, such as the Oude Kerk church or the Amstelkring Museum.

Unlike in other cities, the Red Light district of Amsterdam, where this guild meets, is an area permanently full of tourists and quite safe even at night.

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