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Dam Square

Dam square

Dam Square

Dam Square is the most important square in Amsterdam and marks the point where the first Dam of the river Amstel was in the 13th century.

The Dam Square is the place around which the city was created and is surrounded by monuments and historical buildings, among which stand out the National Monument and the Royal Palace.

National Monument

In the center of Dam Square stands the National Monument, a 22-meter high obelisk that was built in honor of the fallen Dutch soldiers in World War II.

This obelisk is the meeting point for the citizens of Amsterdam and a place of rest for tourists.

Royal Palace

Dominating the Dam Square is the Royal Palace, built between 1648 and 1655. This neoclassical Palace was used as a City Hall in its origins and is currently the site of various official events.

In Dam Square you can also find the Madame Tussauds Museum (Wax Museum) and the Nieuwe Kerk Church.

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