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Reliable Transfers from Amsterdam Airport to City

Amsterdam Airport Transfers

Coffee shops

Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Coffee shops

At first glance a coffee shop might just seem like a coffee shop or a bar, but nothing is further from the truth: in coffee shops, the sale and consumption of marijuana is legalized.

Most coffee shops do not sell alcoholic beverages and, even more surprisingly, although smoking hashish and marijuana is legalized, they are not allowed to smoke tobacco.

The consumption and sale of so-called "hard drugs" is also not allowed in coffee shops.

Not only smoking

In Amsterdam's coffee shops you can consume Marijuana in a variety of ways: drinking it in tea, smoking it in water pipes and you can even find muffins and cupcakes also made of Cannabis.

Although the smoke is inevitable, if you want to enter but do not want to take any drugs, you can have a coffee or any other drink.

An endangered species

Of the almost 1000 coffee shops that were in Amsterdam 10 years ago, there are currently around 150 due to the pressure exerted by neighboring countries and the Dutch government itself to reduce this type of tourism.

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