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Reliable Transfers from Amsterdam Airport to City

Amsterdam Airport Transfers

Useful information

Useful information amout your transfer and Schiphol airport

 Useful Information about your Transfer in Amsterdam


Is my reservation a Private or shared transfer service? You have booked a Private Transfer Service. Our company is providing exclusively private transfers services in Amsterdam. You and your group will be the only passengers of the booked vehicle, and a door to door service will be provided without any additional wait or any additional stop between the requested pickup and drop off addresses.

Where will the driver meet my group?
On arrival please collect your luggage and contact our service desk located in the arrival lounge. (The exact location of our service desk is indicated in the confirmation voucher that you will receive by email once completed your reservation).

Our representatives will check your voucher and will escort you to your vehicle.

Transfers from hotel to Schiphol / Amsterdam airport: If you are leaving the hotel, the driver will meet you at hotel reception. If you are leaving from a private address, please have your group waiting out front at requested pick-up time.

How long to get from Amsterdam airport to city? The journey should take 25-45 minutes depending on the traffic. 2,5 hours before your flight departure time is a good choice for pickup at city centre to leave to Schiphol airport.

Useful information about Amsterdam

Health and first aid assistance
For health assistance you will need your European Health Insurance Card. This card give the right to assistance in all public hospitals and reimbursement up to 80% of costs. Pharmacies, in Dutch apotheek, are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 17:30. The central pharmacy is located on the Dam, Damstraat 2, near the National Monument: get there by tram on lines 4, 9, 14, 16, 24, and 25. Here you will also find a list of night pharmacies. The number to call a 24 hour pharmacy is 694 8709.

Currency, banks and ATMs
Banks are open from 9 to 16 from Tuesday to Friday and on Monday opened at one o'clock. GWK offices, the Central Bank of the Netherlands, are open 7 days out of 7. At the ATM, open 24 hours on 24, you can withdraw cash with international ATM (Maestro) and major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express. The official currency is the euro.

Climate and average temperatures in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is close to the sea, for which it is difficult to see snow or ice and the temperatures are not very harsh: ranging from a minimum of 1 degree, in December, to a maximum of 21 degrees, in July. The sky is usually covered: you should keep on hand umbrella or raincoat, even in summer. Summer begins in June and continues until the end of August, sometimes giving temperatures of 26-29 degrees is the best time for the locals, who are eating and drinking outdoors. Winters are cold: the average temperature is two degrees centigrade, sometimes there is fog and rain and should cover well. The best time to visit Amsterdam is from mid to mid-April, when the flowers of the tulip bulbs, in mid-October. If you go to Amsterdam out of season, though, you can find lots of offers on flights and trips, and count on better service from a more quiet and relaxed staff.

As for any other European city, even in Amsterdam, just follow some simple instructions in order to avoid ruining your vacation. In high concentration of tourism areas, there are many pickpockets. Do not carry all the time your passport and credit cards that do not serve you; leave everything in the hotel safe (in a safety box or ask for a receipt at reception). Do not show that you have a lot of money in your pocket; do not place the phone well ahead if you stray. Tightly close the bags in the Metro and in crowded places. Beware of people who come to offer for sale products: often are skilled pickpockets.

Opening hours of shops, public offices, restaurants
Most shops are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, and on Saturdays from 9 to 17. On Monday, many shops open between 11 and 13 and close at 18. In the streets of the center, the shops for tourists are also open on Sundays from 12 to 19 and up to late evening. The post offices are open Monday to Friday from 9 to 17; the largest are open on Saturdays between 9 am and 12.30 pm. The main post office is located in Raadhuisstraat, at 250, on the back of the Royal Palace (tel. 556 33 11). In addition to postal services, here you can also find stationery. The restaurants have varying hours, but usually you can have lunch between 11 am and 14.30 pm, while dinner is open from late afternoon till 23.

Electricity and water
In Amsterdam, the voltage is 220, although some hotels have also 120 and 110 volts for razors. In any case, the Dutch plug have taken two pins, so remember to bring an adapter. It may seem strange, but the water is potable taps of Amsterdam. The Dutch call it gemeente pils, which goes something like "the mayor's beer." Many people, however, they drink bottled mineral water, generically called Spa.

Usually tips are already included in the rates of hotels and restaurants. If you really want to tip the waiter (5-10% of the total amount), do not leave it on the table but put it directly into the hands of those who have served there.

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